Abigail- PHD Candidate in Criminal Justice

“I believe in this theory that every action is a reaction to something else, and how crime doesn’t just occur out of nowhere. Theres always some reasoning behind it whether its a mental illness or poverty or just the environment the person is in.

I think that these aren’t just random acts. Criminal Justice especially in the media, focusses on the effect rather than the cause. There is this promotion of the idea of an evil act rather than looking at the root cause of whats happening. Mainly pertaining to social services, and a lack of education or a lack of resources, if we really got to the root of THAT, we would be deterring a lot of future occurrences.

Whats going to save you money? Thats where the statistics come in handy, although I do think its important to add humanity to the cause. When you are talking to politicians, and practitioners, they want to see numbers. They want results now, they want to see change now. I want to use education as a deterrent of crime, really shifting criminal justice money into the education system because if you look at the prison population, the majority don’t even have a high school diploma. Although you can’t say its a causational relationship there is definitely some correlation between the two.

There is this cycle of poverty, the question of how to break that is extremely difficult, and it seems that its so difficult that no one wants to deal with it. “

Abigail Henson- PHD Candidate in Criminal Justice

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