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“When you are sitting in that visiting room, and the women are exposed to the food, In the food isn’t good. You have all this stress, and everyone is eating overly processed food, And nobody’s really healthy in this population. The brothers, they can work out and create their own meals if they are  fortunate to have the support, but these women are eating on the road, eating on the go, taking care of kids, going to work. I bought a van that was a 15 passenger van, And I thought I was going to get 12 people in my van. It’s not comfortable, because nobody is the size they’re supposed to be including myself. And I know that is indicative of stress.

What happens in the visiting room is the women are excited when they see their mate, and they love the fact that they get to spend that time. Theres this thing that happens when a visit is about to end, They start calling names, letting them know that their visit is about to be terminated. There’s a hush that goes over the room. You can feel it. No one wants their name to be called. Theres this quiet. You see babies cry, and there’s a lot of sadness.

I can tell you how many women cry when they get back in the van, when we are going home. Reality is setting in, because “I had to leave him.”

A lot of women change during incarceration, they may have been docile, and a little meek, but they become heroes. They have to put on this armor of independence.

The name of the Business is ride and rebuild, rebuilding families one visit at a time. maybe if the men had relationships with these women while they were incarcerated, the transition home would not be as difficult. Of course they have halfway houses, but what about your family, how do you ease into your family? You could have 2000 brothers in prison, but only a handful are getting visits. Now whats happening to those other men when they come home? They are still disconnected. There needs to be some resources for brothers with no support.

I would like to create a social support group for women, During the bid and after the bid. They need to talk these things out. They need a space for that. “

Crystal Wyatt- Ride and Rebuild
Ride and Rebuild, LLC is a Philadelphia-based business that focuses on the needs of the incarcerated and the families that support them. Their overall mission is to help families maintain contact throughout the entirety of incarceration and to provide tangible resources that will aide in the process.

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  1. WOW Ms Crystal

    That is wonderful what you are doing…May God Bless You Mission Indeed….I hope to be able to support you financially in some way.

    Love your name : “Ride & Rebuild”
    Continuous Blessings : )

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