Everett Gillison- Mayor’s Chief of Staff, City of Philadelphia (cont’d)

I have a great police commissioner who came in with me, who really believes that if we invested in community policing, and really had our officers out, and to know the people that we really needed to worry about and who they don’t, and be able to differentiate between the two; we could actually knit our communities back with officers serving as a lead in that environment. Look, I know I had not just number of detractors, but out and out folks who were hostile to what I was preaching. And I’ve just been consistent I’ve been consistent through 30+ years of what I know works . My beliefs in my faith is what drives me to try to convert as many people to the light as I can. The good thing is that as things continue to get better, people start seeing “well maybe he wasn’t that crazy” , “maybe there’s something to this whole idea that you can be respectful and police can be respectful when dealing with people in the community and not have to send the occupying army” message . At the same time community folks can see police not in a defensive mode always and freezing up but as partners in trying to create an environment that is conducive to safety.

Everett Gillison- Mayor’s Chief of Staff, City of Philadelphia

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