Hakim- Black and Nobel Books/ Prison Advocate

The letters that we get from prisons are what make us different from the normal bookstores. We have this one on one, and I believe that’s because we care. Just being an ear sometimes is more than enough, especially to those who don’t have relatives and family. Once you go to prison everyone forgets about you. I think that’s why we’re doing so well, because we give them the attention that’s needed. Not even the letter, just sending the books. Books change a lot of people’s lives. Some people read a book and they’re inspired to write a book. That’s someone’s spirit on paper. This is how the world keeps evolving. When you visit wealthy people, one of the biggest things in their house is their library. That is the treasure, the library. Most people that are wealthy or well off are highly educated. Self educated as well. Educating yourself is empowering yourself more because no one is pushing you to do it, it’s you.

I think some of the best writers are in prison because first and foremost, they don’t have the distractions of what’s going on out here so they get time to really go deep within themselves. You’re really left to what your imagination can put together because you’re only getting what’s happening in the streets through letters or people coming in. I think because they have so much time alone they’re able to be more creative than a person that has to get their child ready for school and go to work and then write on the side. It’s just a one on one between the pen and your mind.

Most people that are in prison, they live on their past experiences, their memory. People that are out are infatuated with prison. When we first started shipping to prisons I got a lot of flack for the way that I promote. I’m not trying to glorify prison I’m just trying to help the people that we need to help. Trying to connect the families with the people that are in there. We ship to prisons to keep the families connected.

Hakim Hopkins- Black and Nobel Books


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