Jason- Artist/Returning Citizen

“Reintegrating is a slow process, you don’t want to get overwhelmed, thats why Im taking that long. Being in prison that long not only enabled me to think about what I was going to do once I got out, but you are able to see the reasons why so many people are coming back. Its like a revolving door. 

A lot of the reasons are that people are rushing in to things, not taking your time. The longer you are in prison, I think the more slow you should take it once you get out. I started at home, getting accustomed to things in my house, and my household. My family seemed different to me, but they were growing, growing and getting older. “

“We are all grown ass men in there. No one in there is going to hold your hand and take you through workshops, groups, and programs. If you want to change, lead a different life, if you want to try and think differently and educate yourself, there’s things available, thats the reality of it. Its not the ideal place to learn and grow, but that what we got to work with, and if you really want it, you are going to work with what you got and find a way. 

As long as I’m taking steps forward, then thats what I am supposed to be doing. Its crazy how things have been working out for me now, but at the same time, Im reaching out and putting myself in these positions, but I’m being met halfway. “

Jason- Artist/ Returning Citizen

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