Jondhi- Center for Returning Citizens

“In 1997 there no longer were Pell Grants for prisons so they shut down the college programs in prisons across the county. So what they effectively did was stop the learning and stop the rehabilitative process. They were talking about the punishment not the process.

So what Mutulu Shakur did is he reached out to Georgia State University. They brought in professors , students, community activist organizations. We held classes. We did shows. ‘Guys in the cell reading books and studying instead of killing each other’ We would do all kinds of programs. Hip Hop forums, where we brought in producers. We organized all the musicians. Spoken word classes so these guys could really learn to express themselves. Writing classes.

Doc’s philosophy was to atone from what you did in society. If you sold drugs, if you murdered somebody, if you terrorize your neighborhood. Not only do you have to transform your character and your mind, you need to go back to you neighborhood. Put in work to atone for the destruction you caused in that community. That philosophy has been carried out by those who were under his circle.

My thought was when I came home, I could recreate that same kind of energy. What I found was often the visions of those on the inside don’t translate on the outside.

Pushed forward under a comprehensive philosophy. We teach. We organize. We make sure people are serious about their lives. Our teaching is not for everybody. Unless you are determined to never again be incarcerated, don’t even walk through our door. We’re about never riding in police cars. never being handcuffed. Never doing anything that can bring the police and the system to have power over our lives. And we’re also into transforming our community and atoning for the things in our past, but more importantly, we do it for the future and the future of our children in the community. that they might not walk in our footsteps and have a better life. “

J Jondhi Harrell- The Center for Returning Citizens

The mission of TCRC is to assist citizens returning from prison, both male and female, in their transition to freedom. This mission encompasses assisting persons who are ready for a life change to find employment, access to necessary services and safe, affordable housing. TCRC was founded by a returning citizen, is staffed by returning citizens and those sensitive to the needs and requirements of this specific population.

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