Matt- Lawyer/Filmmaker/Organizer (Cont’d)

“A 16 year old that gets locked up for the rest of their life is a harsher sentence than someone who is 30 and gets locked up for life. It’s not based on science. People aren’t fully developed until they’re in their mid 20’s. And it goes back to where did you grow up? Everyone does criminal activities from when they’re young. Youth are experimenting, trying new things, you’re not fully formed, you’re learning the laws.

Criminality of all races goes up at a certain point between 16 and 25, but then if you have a job and you’re productive member of society that criminology drops back to zero. Chronic joblessness has a direct correlation to violent crime so if we want to lower violent crime then we need to provide jobs. We would do better for people in these poor communities by finding them jobs rather than more police on the streets, more prisons and tougher sentences.”

Matt Pillischer- Documentary Filmmaker “Broken on All Sides”/Lawyer/Organizer

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