Pam- Mayor’s Office of Reintegraton Services (cont’d)

“Here at Rise, we have an attorney on staff and we’ve started running expungement clinics. And now we’ve just started introducing it into the classroom. How do you read your criminal record. Because a lot of these 99% of the clients that sit here, when I tell them, do you know that you have this on your record? “That was thrown out!” “That happened back in the day!” “That’s not…” I’m saying, how do you think I’m able to tell you about it, it’s right here. Nobody. Not their lawyers. Not the courts. Nobody tells them, even though this stuff was dismissed from record, or this case was thrown out 100%, nobody tells them that it’s still showing there. Nobody advises them, so now expungement is a big word in the legal circles, because attorneys are now charging people a whole bunch of money to get their records expunged. Anything on your doc. that did not lead to a guilty plea or conviction and especially if you’re currently not on probation or parole, you can get those things expunged. So that’s a service. And now it’s making people more marketable.

People are able to go out, the ones that get expungement, and are getting jobs that normally they would not have gotten despite, a DUI, and attempted murder, or all of that. And they’ll probably say, “Oh, yeah. We can give you this job to do customer service stuff or whatever.”, because all you have is a DUI on record versus all of that other stuff. So now we’re educating people with regards to the importance of reading. We tell everybody, get a copy of your criminal record, know what it says because if you have anything that you think was dismissed or overthrown, come to us, go to community legal services, because expungement can help you to move on. And that was something that, I think I’m only seeing this in the last couple of years, because the education about expungement, now that we’re here with this law firm, I see how it has been helping people. And a lot of people, they think, because of my criminal record I’m not getting… it’s not just your criminal record, it’s that other stuff that’s sitting on your doc. A ten page doc. and 8 of those pages are cases that they got arrested on, were thrown out, dismissed… and they don’t know these things. So you have this most recent thing and you’re trying to get a job and it’s something that is not very serious, but you can’t get a job and you’re thinking, well, it’s because of my record. It’s not because of your record. It’s because of the other stuff that’s sitting and employers are seeing it and nobody is telling you about it. “

Pamela Superville- RISE

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