Russell- Artist/Returning Citizen

“When I was in prison, I realized what my situation was. Those guys standing around acting like they are still on the corner, not planning for their release… These guys have 3 years, 5 years, thats going to come and their not preparing. They don’t realize the situation. You can’t go with nothing and expect to survive. Its detrimental to your whole life and your family.

I always drew when I was a kid, I was a foster kid, and drawing was my fun, my escape. It was kind of like being in prison before I went to prison. And its even continuing now, Im on parole, and I want to go to a club or a bar, but there is really no time for time out.

Art saved my life. I could have gotten caught up in whatever. I stayed antisocial, and my art was my everything, my friend, my family, because I didn’t get visits, the art was always there. I get out and its there. Its my occupation, Im getting noticed, slowly but surely. Its life changing, its really serious, and its really powerful. “

Russell- Artist/Returning Citizen

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