Superintendent Wenerowicz- SCI Graterford Prison (cont’d)

“A lot of our lifers do programming here that we don’t do in other parts of the state. We give them the latitude to develop their own projects. We have several of them from Real Street Talk , Mural Arts, to PAR ect. We give them the latitude to do things in a positive environment rather than just say no for security reasons. Our culture was established well before I got here. Former Superintendents’ Dave Diguglielmo and Donald Vaughn actually created a culture here which I really can’t take credit for. Our lifers are a positive stable force for the general population. I tell people, our lifers don’t want to be locked down all the time, they prefer to do something positive with their time. Because of our proximity to the Philadelphia area, a lot of our lifers have family residing in the Philadelphia area. We’re the only jail in the state that has visits 7 days a week and have night visits Thursday through Sunday. Our lifer population has made it so we can do things outside of the department like the TEDX event held here in June 2014. Secretary Wetzel commented that we had a culture already established here that could pull off an event like that. “

Superintendent Wenerowicz- SCI Graterford Prison

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