Victoria- Founder of E.M.I.R. Every Murder is Real/ Victims’ Advocate (cont’d)

“What I found really naive about me, working in a prison in the drug and alcohol unit, is that I had no concept of what was going on in the street. I felt like as long as, in my home, I taught my children right from wrong, I showed them love, taught them manners, educated them, was involved in their lives, kept them busy. I had no concept of the PULL of the streets, I had no concept of the culture. My son was working for a remodeling business and he was dirty when he came home. He was being made fun of when he came home. I didn’t know how black boys are boxed in. And if they step out of the box they are a target. You could play basketball, football, sell drugs, be a thug, but you’re not allowed mainstream things that other people do. You’re a target. You could never say, Oh I want to be a writer or a journalist or I write poetry. “

“If you have a teenage boy whose brother was murdered, that young man is angry and hurt. That could have been his hero. If he is left with that void, that emptiness, that protection, you’ve got a problem if you don’t help him because that is when you get retaliation. We’ve stopped retaliations. We had a young man who was held up with his cousin. His cousin was shot and the only reason he wasn’t shot was because the gun jammed and he ran. He came to us for sessions. And one day he showed up here. He said he was so angry and he was going to kill somebody because they killed his cousin. Thank God he came to us.

People do not see this as prevention and that is the problem. They focus on “your victim is dead, now what? They caught the perpetrator, you go to court, you got justice, or maybe you didn’t, so what else do you want” They don’t think about the families left behind! Untreated trauma perpetuates violence. And that’s why we have the problems we have on the street. We have a city of traumatized people. We are in a war. What do you have in a war? Post Traumatic Stress! “

Victoria Greene- Founder of E.M.I.R. Every Murder is Real/ Crime Victim/ Victims’ Advocate
EMIR Healing Center (Every Murder is Real) is a nonprofit organization that services and supports family members and friends who have been affected by homicide.
Survivors of a violent death have to contend with a totally different set of circumstances than someone who has experienced a “natural” death.
EMIR is here to guide survivors through the many feelings they will experiences and the legal ramifications that are inevitable.
EMIR offers concrete, practical, and compassionate steps towards healing.

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