Victoria-Founder of E.M.I.R. Every Murder is Real/ Victims’ Advocate (cont’d)

“Coming from working in the prison and working with drug and alcohol, those are hard populations to work with, even in the prison. And I think coming from that experience maybe that’s why I’m not so judgmental. People are really judgmental about young people who are murdered and they blame them. “Well he was out there selling drugs what do you expect?” I expected him to live. I don’t think he expected to be murdered. It’s not right. It’s still not right. Is that the answer in our society, that people that are involved in criminal activity should be shot down and that’s fine? 

Parents are made to feel ashamed if their children are murdered. First it’s, “what were they doing? they caused their own murder, they must have.” And then it’s “ why didn’t you do something? didn’t you know?” So they are laden with guilt and shame when they walk in the door. 

What do we do to save our children? We live in a racist society. For black boys, they can’t be boys. Boys are impulsive. Boys don’t think. That’s the nature of them being young. But for black boys they don’t have that. They are never looked at as a victim. They are always looked at as a perpetrator. They are doing something wrong. And if they are big in size, even a white boy, people think you’re older. So when you do simple stuff and they expect more of you, it’s harder. And if you are a dark complected boy, you are really a threat because of the racism. It’s a shame to say but it’s the truth. If you are a black boy on the street and you’re being bullied, beat up, shot at, where do you think they are going to go. They’re not going to the cops. “

Victoria Greene- Founder of E.M.I.R. Every Murder is Real/ Crime Victim/ Victims’ Advocate
EMIR Healing Center (Every Murder is Real) is a nonprofit organization that services and supports family members and friends who have been affected by homicide.
Survivors of a violent death have to contend with a totally different set of circumstances than someone who has experienced a “natural” death.
EMIR is here to guide survivors through the many feelings they will experiences and the legal ramifications that are inevitable.
EMIR offers concrete, practical, and compassionate steps towards healing.

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