Victoria- Founder of E.M.I.R. Every Murder is Real/ Victims’ Advocate

“My son was involved in selling drugs and he was murdered by the young man he was supposedly selling drugs for.  I want to tell the story that, that was not all of who he was. He did not deserve to be shot in the back 7 times, in the street, like an animal. He had hopes dreams and desires. What he was involved in was wrong. He could have been arrested. But to be murdered in the street was not the answer. 

What I tell people is that there is never closure, you just learn to live with the murder. Part of learning to live with it is being educated about what you’ve gone through. To be educated about grief, to be educated about trauma. Because murder is not a natural death. It’s not like someone had an illness and died. It’s sudden. 

The trauma is really important for people to be educated about because you can feel like you are going insane. You have flashbacks. People try to cope by drinking, drugging, eating to much. Anything to try to fill the emptiness and nothing works. When I went to the Grief Assistance Program they educated me about trauma. That was the most empowering moment because up until then I had no control of anything.“

Victoria Greene- Founder of E.M.I.R. Every Murder is Real/ Crime Victim/ Victims’ Advocate
EMIR Healing Center (Every Murder is Real) is a nonprofit organization that services and supports family members and friends who have been affected by homicide.
Survivors of a violent death have to contend with a totally different set of circumstances than someone who has experienced a “natural” death.
EMIR is here to guide survivors through the many feelings they will experiences and the legal ramifications that are inevitable.
EMIR offers concrete, practical, and compassionate steps towards healing.

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